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NEW MUSIC COMING SOON Q4 2021!!! Stay tuned 

“ITunes Pre-Orders Available March 18th”!

Chronic Edge’s Upcoming Track: 

Titled ‘The Game’, to be released on the 19th of April. Preorders are available on iTunes from March 18th.  
The recording of this track was just recently concluded at their studio in Chicago. Beginning with a lot of energy and guitar riffs, you’re almost sunk in by the hard rhythm of the song. Typical melodic rock that keeps your vibe up until the 3-and-a-half-minute song is over.  
Also coming soon is Chronic Edge’s new album “Rockaddiction”. 
Chronic Edge has shared stage with the likes of the Sisterhood, Enuff ‘Z Nuff, and Faster Pussycat. Since their existence in 2012, they’ve been able to build a good reputation for themselves. One of their big concerts was their opening performance for the Sisterhood at Summerfest on the BMO Harris
 Harris stage. They have also been invited to perform at the Arcada theatre. 


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Chronic Edge

Chronic Edge is a music group that represents an exceptional and addictive music style which comprises melodic Rock n Roll demonstrated by hard-hitting background beats, heart-felt rhythms and fiery burst of positive energy. Chronic Edge is the typical stage band with drums and guitars but their songs are unique, and written to ‘stick in your head’’ and for everyone to be able to resonate and relate with the songs individually. 
The band was put together out of a burning desire to create and perform unique original songs, powerful and dynamic music that gets the attention of a global audience. If you have been present at any of their live performances, you can tell that they have figured the magic formula to creating good music as they leave you wanting more. 
Core members of the band are

⦁    Vince DeVincenzo – Lead vocalist and guitarist
⦁    Chris Errera – Keyboardist
⦁    Tom Kokal – Bassist
⦁    Steve Jaeger – Drummer

The band genre and music category is Hard rock/ Melodic Rock. The Chronic Edge band is based in Chicago.
‘KRAZZY’ one if their popular albums was released back in 2011. NUTZ and DECEPTION are more recent albums which had their physical copies released in 2016 and 2017. Since then Chronic Edge has re-branded their style and sound for their 2020 releases going forward.