Chronic Edge

Chronic Edge is Chicago based original rock band that represents a unique and addictive style of music captured by smooth and melodic qualities and expressed by driving rhythms, hard-hitting back beats, and explosive energy to form an interesting blend of music that simply “sticks in your head”.

Chronic Edge is the inspiration of singer/songwriter Vince DeVincenzo. The band strives to accomplish a single mission; to create powerful and dynamic music that reaches into the minds of a global audience. Changing line-ups and life situations are challenges faced by all bands, however, lucky timing brought about a convergence of talent with amazing chemistry and positive energy. Setting themselves apart in a music industry filled with many bands having a cookie-cutter sound; Chronic Edge has found that magic formula to create unbelievable music and to do what they love, play music.

Chronic Edge live shows are best described as an experience you will feel as well as hear. Bassist Tom Kocal knocks the audience flat with intricate bass lines coming up from the depths coupled with drum beats delivered by drummer Vince Marcanti that simply drive each note through your chest. This powerful rhythm section is the perfect compliment to the epic guitar sounds of singer/songwriter Vince DeVincenzo’s and guitarist Michael Zamora. This volatile punch is carefully counter-balanced with a smooth melodic flow and mellow tone allowing you to catch your breathe and take in the moment. It is hard to peal your eyes away from this class act. Chronic Edge’s polished professionalism has made them a favorite opening act for national artists including: Enuff’Z'Nuff, The B52′s, Missing Persons, Flock of Seagulls, The Fixx, Jimmy Sohns from The Shadows of Knight, Shirley King, and Tommy Tutone.

Chronic Edge is the reason why everyone loves rock and roll; because they make every note, every word, and every emotion count.